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Hiccup is a convulsive contraction of the diaphragm, causing a sudden strong inhalation with a characteristic sound. Stuck unpleasant, what to say.
What causes it?
In order to reduce the level of discomfort from hiccups, people thought of attributing its origin to the fact that it is a person who has “the soul speaks with God” or something that someone remembers. What does science say?
If the hiccups are long, painful and often repeated, the cause may be serious: inflammation in the abdominal cavity, diseases of the brain and spinal cord, infectious diseases, functional and organic changes in the central nervous system (CNS), and even myocardial infarction.
In this case, the question is undeniably medical in nature. You should think about a visit to the doctor about hiccups if it, for example, lasts more than an hour; if the seizures occur several times a day or several days a week; if along with hiccups there is pain in the chest, heartburn, difficulty swallowing.
But in everyday life it happens that hiccups occur on more trivial and prosaic grounds: due to haste in eating, overeating, uncomfortable posture at the table, taking alcohol, and also as a result of hypothermia, excitement, and fright. Such a hiccup is called “benign.”
This happens because it is injured, pinching, the vagus nerve, which connects many internal organs with the central nervous system. This happens in the place where it passes close to the esophagus through a narrow opening in the diaphragm separating, as is well known, the chest cavity from the abdominal cavity. With the help of hiccups, the body tries to rid the vagus nerve from the overload that occurs in it. In general, it can be called a form of a nervous tic.
What to do?
First of all, to get rid of hiccups, it is necessary to reduce the pressure on the vagus nerve in the esophageal opening of the diaphragm. There are several ways of varying degrees of difficulty.
1. Water and food. You can drink a few sips of cold or sweetened water (if you “sort out”, you can cause the opposite of the expected effect); swallow a small ice cube or a piece of dry bread; suck on a slice of lemon: chew and eat a teaspoon of granulated sugar in a dry form (if it doesn’t help, repeat two or three times with a two-minute interval).
And there is also grass, which is called so – ikotnik gray or gray-green. Her inflorescences and twigs in the form of infusion are used when nervous hiccups – to calm. To do this, a tablespoon of raw materials insist an hour or two in a glass of boiling water, take 1-2 tablespoons 3-4 times a day.
2. Breathing. One option is to take a deep breath and hold your breath, the second is to switch to deep slow breathing, the third is to throw your head back, hold your breath and count to ten, then quickly breathe out and drink a glass of water. You can breathe air into a paper bag and then inhale it. The blood will increase the carbon dioxide content and the hiccups will stop.
3. Pose and movement. Sometimes it is enough to straighten up and stretch. There is a “double” method. It lies in the fact that hiccup lays his hands behind his back, clasps his palms in the lock and tries to stretch it. At the same time he drinks the water that his partner keeps in front of him. In the absence of one, you can put a glass of water on the stool, in this case you will need to bend for each sip.
Another technique is to pull yourself around the tongue a couple of times. You can close your eyes and gently massage them, you can strongly press with your fingers on the neck in the place where the collarbone is attached to the sternum. Finally, try to sit for a few minutes, knees pressed to your chest.
4. Microstress. He can be called a comic fright of a hiccup who suffers, but he can… by his own attempt to sneeze during it. The last recommendation belongs to Hippocrates. And some doctors believe that betting money is the surest way to stop hiccups: at the beginning of hiccups, the bill goes to the hiccups and they agree with the hiccup that he will not be able to hiccup the next minute. The threat of losing a bet is said to be very strong.