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It turns out that we women know very little about our body. We offer 10 facts about the menstrual cycle that will surprise and amaze you.
All women are a little witch. Indeed, in our womb the main wonder of the world takes place – the birth of a new life. The body of the fair sex is unique, but we know very little about it.
Take, for example, the menstrual cycle. Many women have standard information about this process and do not even suspect that this knowledge is not enough. We offer you to expand your horizons and learn about 10 interesting facts about the menstrual cycle.
1. Early menstruation begins at age 9
Normal menarche (first menstruation) occurs in girls 12-15 years old. But there are exceptions to the rule. Sometimes menstruation begins in girls even from 9 years old.
2. Passion for carbonated drinks – the cause of early menstrual periods.
This pattern was noticed by scientists from Harvard University. It turns out that adolescents participating in the experiment, who drank a lot of sweet soda, menstruation began on average 2.7 months earlier than others. Researchers say that the main reason for this is an increase in the production of insulin and, in turn, of female sex hormones. So teenage girls need to carefully monitor their diet.
3. You can get pregnant during your period
Yes, this is unlikely, but there were still such cases.
If sexual intercourse occurred in the last days of menstruation, and after 2-3 an early ovulation occurred, pregnancy is quite possible.
4. Menstruation does not always talk about women’s health.
Sometimes ovulation may not occur, but periods in this case come on time. You are wondering why I can’t get pregnant, because the cycle is on schedule. And everything is not so simple. If your attempts to conceive cannot be called successful for a long time, go to a gynecologist.
5. During menstruation, some women have increased sexual desire.
A fairly common occurrence. This desire is caused by a decrease in the concentration of progesterone hormone in a woman’s body.
6. In many countries, menstruation has and has sacred significance.
Until now, in many cultures, menstruation is considered as a period of purification of women. Therefore, representatives of the fair sex during this period should not go to Christian and other churches. According to some religious beliefs (Hinduism, Islam, Judaism), women even need to go through this period in complete isolation from their relatives.
7. Menstrual cycles can be synchronized.
Such changes often occur in women who live long together in the same room (house, apartment, room). But, unfortunately, scientists have not yet found the cause of this phenomenon.
8. After menopause, you can resume menstruation.
Science goes ahead by leaps and bounds. Recently, Greek doctors managed to create an effective method of ovarian rejuvenation. It helps not only to resume the menstrual cycle after menopause, but also fights against infertility.
9. The 28-day menstrual cycle is considered ideal or “lunar”.
This is the most common cycle time. This is the most common cycle time. She was taken for the average. A normal cycle is considered to last from 21 to 35 days (28 ± 7).
10. The inhabitants of the northern regions of the menstrual cycle is longer than that of the southerners
The duration of the menstrual cycle still depends on the place of residence of the woman (although there are exceptions, because many factors influence this process). More research results say that women have longer and more painful periods in winter. And you did not notice this?
As you can see, there are many interesting facts about the menstrual cycle. But you, probably, are interested in the main thing: how to save your female health? It’s very simple: go to proper nutrition, exercise, maintain personal hygiene and do not forget about the prevention of gynecological diseases and infections.
Probiotics – the best helpers in terms of prevention. An excellent choice is Probiz Femina. This complex helps to preserve your natural microflora. After all, the beneficial bacteria are the main soldiers in the fight against urinary tract infection, which then causes gynecological diseases. Even the use of feminine hygiene products (especially tampons) during menstruation can lead to vaginosis or other diseases, resulting in menstrual disorders. Therefore, probiotic Probiz Femin is not replaceable during menstruation, as well as hormonal, antibacterial and any other aggressive therapy. Talk to your gynecologist about the indications for using this tool.
See how unique you are? Take care of your feminine health and take care of it. Be happy!