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It is worth to wait a little with these cosmetological procedures in summer.

Cosmetologists say that the effectiveness of procedures largely depends on the season, as the sun or its absence can have a serious impact on the result of the procedure.
What procedures are not for the summer period?
– Peeling in the warm season is fraught with the appearance of age spots, which are hard to get rid of. Also, after the procedure, skin irritation, swelling, rashes and even scars can begin;
– Whitening pigment spots, freckles or just lightening the skin in the summer is ineffective because it can lead to sunburn. Even at home, it is better to give up soft whitening, because the composition of masks or creams may behave unpredictably when it comes into contact with the sun;
– Moles or papillomas can be removed by laser, electrocoagulation, radio waves or liquid nitrogen. If the sun gets to the place of the procedure, it may cause a bruise or swelling which is hard to get rid of;
– Liposuction leaves behind scars and scars that will come down with time, but for this you need to wear a special bandage. In summer, an additional “layer” of clothing may bring discomfort, and if you do not wear a bandage, suppuration may begin or seams will disperse;
– After the Botox procedure in the sun can not appear about two weeks. The shots are very sensitive to high temperatures and ultraviolet, and may simply collapse, which is why there will be no result from the procedure;
– Laser hair removal of the legs, armpits and face is undesirable in summer, because severe irritation, allergic swelling or rash can begin.
The procedure can be done only in the bikini area and then, if you are not going to the beach.
However, if you are going to any of the following procedures in a hot period, do not deny yourself this pleasure.
– Non-injection mesotherapy is ideal for summer. Organic acids, microelements and vitamins are injected under the skin with the help of a special apparatus that does not irritate it. Moreover, no additional means of protection from sun exposure are required;
– Massage in the warm season will improve the condition of the skin and muscles of the face. You can do a relaxing and lymphatic drainage massage using light masks;
– Cold wraps do not dry the skin and do not lead to peeling (as hot procedures), they will remove toxins, liquid, moisturize and smooth the skin. Ideal wraps – from algae, cooling herbal, flower and clay.
It is worth noting that wraps are undesirable for gynecological diseases, problems with the liver or kidneys, and for pregnant women – this type of procedure is strictly prohibited;
– Cooling masks in their effect are similar to wraps – they relieve swelling of the face, moisturize and cleanse;
– Saturation of the skin with hyaluronic acid is a good option for summer, because it helps retain moisture, makes it elastic and improves metabolism. In addition, hyaluronic acid has an antioxidant effect, creating additional protection from the sun;
– Ultrasonic face cleaning suitable for summer cleaning. The procedure evens the complexion and helps to get rid of the layer of skin destroyed by UV light;
– Microcurrent therapy improves the metabolic process, nourishes the cells with oxygen, renews the skin and improves its color. The current contributes to the production of elastin and skin collagen. The procedure itself is non-traumatic and is not contraindicated for summer.