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The scientific name for the headache is cephalalgia.
The brain itself does not feel pain, because it does not have pain receptors.
It is estimated that no less than 80% of the population of the planet had a headache at least once in their lives, while 25-40% had its appearance characterized by “enviable” constancy.
Food and drink that can make your head sick: alcohol, especially red wine, chocolate, fruits, pickles, cheese, canned meats, nuts, coffee, tea, cola, yeast, aspartame, monosodium glutamate.
Causes of headache include: Stress, hormonal changes, neck or jaw tension, depression, despair, irregular meals, changes in sleep patterns, injuries, agitation, eye strain, changes in weather, poor posture, anxiety, pungent odors, medications, bright light ( photophobia), physical strain, high altitude (altitude sickness).
Headache can be caused by mechanical, chemical or thermal effects on sensitive receptors. These receptors, which are found in the soft tissues of the head — the skin, muscles, in the walls of the superficial arteries of the head, the dura mater, in the vessels of the brain base — perceive various nerve impulses that a person feels like pain.
The physiological cause of the headache is still unknown. There are at least 4 basic theories explaining its origin:
(1) The blood vessels in the scalp, which feed the head and face, taper and dilate incorrectly, stretching the artery walls. Pain receptors near these walls fix pain.
(2) the muscles of the head and neck are able to contract and sometimes contract convulsively. This process triggers pain signals.
(3) the headache begins with a low electricity wave passing through the surface of the brain and disrupting the normal access of oxygen to the blood vessels of the skull skin. Tense vessels stimulate pain receptors.
(4) a slight chemical imbalance occurs in the cellular metabolism in the brain tissue, including mediators.
There are at least three types of headache, not counting the one that happens from the common cold, flu,  normal access  and  normal access . These include: crushing headache, migraine, and histamine pain.
A pressing headache creates a constricting sensation and pulsation spreading over the head around the area corresponding to the rim of the hat.
Migraine usually includes throbbing pain on one side of the head, nausea, and sensitivity to noise.
“Histamine” pain is acute and occurs on one side of the head and face, lasts from 20 minutes to 2 hours. Repeats one or more times over one or more days, weeks, or months. Then it stops for a long time, but only in order to return again without any apparent reason.
Of the three types of headaches, pressure is the most common.
Migraine is more typical of women than men.
Histamine pain most often affects men.
The pain that occurs below the line that connects the outer corner of the eye, the external auditory canal and then goes to the I cervical vertebra is not called a headache; they are either facial pains or neck pains. This conditional division in medicine carries a diagnostic value.
Women experiencing a headache are two times more than men with the same ailment.
Women living in villages and suburbs are much more likely to suffer from headaches than those who live in the city.
The power of suggestion can act on a headache. Studies show that 40% of people suffering from headaches get immediate relief by taking a pill from sugar, which has no drugs, but was given as a painkiller. Such is the power of placebo.
Aspirin (if the tablet is uncoated) is enough for 30 seconds to get into the circulatory system.
Headache can be a manifestation of at least forty-five different diseases, disruptions and abnormalities in the body.
If the head hurts from overwork, of course, you need to rest. Sleeping in a ventilated room and light exercises in the morning, as a rule, reduce this pain.
The risk factors for the occurrence of headaches of various etiologies include: neurological or cardiovascular diseases (including hypertension, osteochondrosis, etc.), infectious diseases, intoxication, overwork, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, harsh noise, bright light, various odors, etc. .
Sometimes the cause of headaches – worms, parasites in the human body.
If the complexion becomes red during the appearance of pain, it is necessary to lie higher, put a towel moistened with cold water on your forehead, and a heating pad at your feet. Some in these cases helps tight tightening of the head with a towel. It is only necessary to remember that it is not recommended to use it for more than 15 to 20 minutes in a row, otherwise pains of a different order may arise. Using the same ice, it is impossible to keep it on the head continuously, and every 3-5 it is necessary to remove it for a while.