Breast Diseases
The female breast is a very susceptible organ that reacts sharply to hormonal changes in the body. Small fluctuations in hormonal levels can lead to the formation of benign breast…

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Polarised Sunglasses for Women
The negative effect of running on health
Running is a very useful sport, besides it is accessible to almost everyone. But do not forget that they need to deal with the mind, the right approach to the…

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Labor complications
Complications during childbirth can occur in any, even a completely healthy woman. Of course, any future mother wants to give birth ideally, with minimal medical intervention, but not always everything…


Mental health
We all know about what health is - this term is most succinctly reflected in the phrase “no disease”. It is possible to call a healthy person, who does not…

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can have


It turns out that we women know very little about our body. We offer 10 facts about the menstrual cycle that will surprise and amaze you.
All women are a little witch. Indeed, in our womb the main wonder of the world takes place – the birth of a new life. The body of the fair sex is unique, but we know very little about it.
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5 scientific evidence that you need to sleep at night

Sleep is necessary for a normal healthy life – everyone knows that. You can eat the healthiest food and not get out of the gym, but if you do not get enough sleep all the time, all efforts will go down the drain.
1. Our ancient ancestors set asleep more time because their daily rhythm depended on the rising and setting of the sun. Today we have an artificial light that allows us to prolong the period of wakefulness and, therefore, reduce the time of sleep. And although the requirements in a dream for each organism are individual, many experts insist that healthy sleep should last about nine hours a day. Continue reading